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 Pirate Radio Stations only $21.95 + $2 shipping this week!

The list price is $24.95, but it's on sale this week for only $21.95 + $2 shipping in the U.S.

Experience Radio's Swashbuckling Side! Listening to pirate radio is perfectly legal--and frequently an ear-opening experience. This book makes it easier for you to locate and tune in pirate stations--and tells you all about the unlicensed broadcasters who play David to broadcasting conglomerates--Goliath. Revealing the history of pirate radio from 1925 to today, author Andrew Yoder, pirate radio aficionado and long-time writer on radio, electronics, and audio subjects:

* Explains how to buy and use equipment to listen to pirate stations
* Shows you how to find pirate stations on your AM/FM, shortwave, and online radios
* Explains how pirates have "gone legit" on the Internet, with "how-to-listen" directions, and hard-to-find pirate URLs
* Showcases stations operating since at least 1995
* Provides details on political, local, holiday, and special-events pirates
* Tells you about offshore, European, and pirate stations around the world
* Takes you inside illegal stations, some of which have up to 75 volunteers
* Shows you how the FCC tracks pirates and often enforces its regulations harshly
* Gives you a CD with over 80 minutes of audio from dozens of underground stations

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